SitOnIt Seating and IDEON are dedicated to sustainability, from the fabrics we select, to the way we manufacture, to how we run our corporate offices. Our efforts have been recognized by Managing Automation, which listed us as one of its “Progressive 50.”

We work hard to minimize the impact of our manufacturing and support a healthy workplace – for our employees and our planet. Our lean manufacturing practice provides the foundation of our sustainability strategy by eliminating waste, conserving resources and responsibly designing products for durability and extended life.

Sustainability Policy

As an industry innovator, SitOnIt Seating views sustainability as essential to its core business and as an opportunity for both improvement and growth. From durable product design to proper waste/chemical disposal and energy conservation, SitOnIt Seating's green practices are environmentally friendly and sustainable.

BIFMA LEVEL® Certification

Sustainability matters. That's why we've worked to achieve BIFMA LEVEL® certification for all SitOnIt Seating and IDEON seating products.

IDEON: BIFMA Level 1 Certificate

Take Back Program

SitOnIt Seating and IDEON minimize product waste by matching chairs and materials that would be headed for the landfill with local non-profits and public agencies. It's a win-win!

Disassembly Instructions

SitOnIt Seating and IDEON offer chair dissasembly instructions (PDF) for safer, environmentally conscious disposal.

Maintenance and Care

Careful and regular maintenance of your SitOnIt Seating/IDEON chair can prolong its life. Our Maintenance and Care guide (PDF) keeps your chair vibrant, functional and out of a landfill for as long as possible.

End of Life Recovery Options

The End of Life Recovery Options matrix (PDF) from SitOnIt Seating provides a precise explanation of materials used in various products, examples of components, recycling notes and where to find a recycling outlet nearest to you so you can dispose of your chair in an eco-friendly manner.