Composium single, double and three seat benches and ottomans, Momentum Infinity Gull - Momentum Infinity Hush - Momentum Infinity Lemongrass, wood tapered square feet


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Composium Ottoman and Benches in a modern setting.

Composium Sharp sette, SitOnIt Seating Pop Electric Blue; double and single seat benches, SitOnIt Seating Pop Electric Blue & Maharam Bevel Lazuli (009)

A Canvas for Creating

This robust bench and ottoman collection complement all Composium lounge seating models. Three bench sizes – plus ottoman – provide strategic accents or a functional and modular seating solution for industrial or formal settings.

Composium benches and ottoman are part of a broad and versatile soft seating collection including sharp, flair, round and curve models.

  • 3 bench sizes - single, double and three seat
  • PatternMatch™ expertise and multiple upholstery option
  • Optional removable cushion
  • 12 foot styles
  • Durable steel rail construction (except ottoman)
  • Field-replaceable parts
  • 300 lbs. per seat weight capacity
  • 10-Year Warranty
  • 1000’s of textiles ship in 10 days



Single seat bench

Double seat bench

Three seat bench

Wood Finishes

4 custom wood finishes and a stain-to-match program are available.

Clear Maple

Medium Cherry

Amber Mahogany



Additional Options

  • Removable cushion
  • Moisture resistant seat
  • CAL 133


12 foot styles:

Non-locking caster, black

Locking caster, black

Non-locking caster, silver

Locking caster, silver

Metal 1.5-inch pole, brushed steel

Metal 1.5-inch pole, silver powder coat

Metal 1.5-inch pole anchor, brushed steel

Metal 1.5-inch pole anchor, silver powder coat

Standard plastic, black

Wood tapered cylinder

Wood tapered square

Metal angular, brushed aluminum

Composium Dismantle Video

Composium construction

The unique IDEON steel rail system creates a robust, durable understructure that withstands even the toughest environments. Each component is locked in place using multiple 5/16th grade 5 hex bolts through the rails. 

Extra strength monofilament webbing creates excellent resilience, while high density foam provides comfort and rebound in a low-profile cushion.


Composium Curve
Composium Flair
Composium Round
Composium Sharp
Cube Tables